• NAR ECommerce Maintenance - April 13

    NAR's ECommerce network is down for maintenance from 8AM to 4PM  on Saturday, April 13th. RAMCO portals will be replaced with a maintenance page during the outage so no payments are attempted. more
  • RAMCON 2019 is Sold Out!

    The next RAMCO User Group meeting is April 16-17th in Washington, DC! Thanks to everyone who registered and we'll see you in April! more
  • RAMCO 3.3.1 - Changes to Primary Field of Business

    It's very rare that NRDS changes fields or requirements, but it's happening soon for the Primary Field of Business. RAMCO's 3.3.1 release addresses this change, as well as fixes a critical timezone issue. more

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    RE: Merge Classes

    Hi Savanna, there's no tool for merging classes. That merge function is a Microsoft-level utility that works only on Contacts and Accounts.  If you're juts looking to clean up the list, but preserve the data, you can deactivate older Classes in your ...

  • Hello, We have Office Transfer Details that is pulling the previous office information office address as the New Office Information, is their something in RAMCO that can fix that? This is for members who transfer their Office Membership from one Brokerage ...

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    RE: Check Withdraw

    Not at this time. We're planning a lot of ECommerce work for this year's major release, but the e-check function is not one of them. ​We get that request maybe once a year so it is still on the radar. ------------------------------ Mike Cutlip, RAMCO ...

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    RE: ERROR-CODE:3000

    Hi Mike,  Apologies for the delayed reply; we've all been wrapped up at the user group meeting in DC.  That error usually comes up when the office/account record is missing some bit of data. I recommend checking the office contact info, especially main ...


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