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  • Thank you for the link, very helpful. I misspoke earlier, it wasn't the product it was the product type. I am guessing I should just use dues? ------------------------------ Andrea Harbert SANTA CRUZ COUNTY ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS INC 831-464-2000 ------------------------------

  • Andrea, you might look at this like an RPAC "voluntary" contribution when billing state and national. set the registration fee to the product with a "suggested" contribution, and make it optional. When someone wants to make a contribution, ie register,...

  • Hi Andrea, if you don't have a product that makes sense for this then you should just create a new one. I'd recommend setting up a PAC and PAC Cycle for this. I know it's not really a PAC, but that's how the functionality was originally intended...

  • I'll definitely jump in here! The issue was that Aristotle doesn't expose the "Contribution Year" in their web services, so when sending the Contribution we were not able to specify the recognition year. That was fine for a while, then dues season...


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