• RAMCO 3.3 is Complete! View Release Notes Here

    We've just finished the new RAMCO 3.3 release and we're moving forward with beta upgrades over the next few weeks. Check out the new features in this huge release!
  • RAMCO Dues Bootcamp 2018

    Another year, another successful Dues Bootcamp presentation! In case you couldn't join us you can access the recording at any time.
  • Scheduled Downtime for 2018 Security Patches

    To adhere to security best practices we must apply the latest security patches at least quarterly. We've just released the patch schedule for the rest of 2018.
  • NAR Planned Maintenance April 21-22, 2018

    NAR is taking all ecommerce connections and processing offline this Saturday and Sunday, April 21st and 22nd. During this window we will place a maintenance page on your RAMCO web portal.
  • 2018 RAMCO User Group Meeting in Two Weeks!

    RAMCON 2018 is almost upon us! Time is running out to register for two days of intense and enlightening RAMCO sessions!
  • Reminder of 2018 RAMCO User Fee Increases

    There is a small percentage increase to RAMCO user fees each year to account for changes to Microsoft Licensing and other cost increases. Please see the attached documents in this post to detail changes in your per-user rate based on when you launched on RAMCO.
  • RAMCO Maintenance this Weekend to Apply Microsoft Security Patches

    To protect our systems from recently-discovered security flaws in Microsoft and Intel products we are taking Saturday and Sunday morning to apply critical security patches.
  • Updating Member Application Fees for the New Year

    This time of year we get many questions about updating Membership Application Fees. Take a look through this community thread that explains where to update your App Fees for the new year.
  • Scheduled NRDS Outage Dec 14th

    NRDS is down for maintenance on December 14th from 11AM to 1PM EST. All RAMCO payment processing will be affected and we will post a maintenance page on all web portals for the duration of the outage.